Experienced Legal Counsel

Trav Paine has represented clients in the state and federal courts and before municipal and administrative bodies throughout the Southeast for more than 4 decades, and he brings a focused attitude and work ethic to the resolution of client issues.  Mr. Paine’s practice is selective and limited primarily to civil cases deserving a substantial commitment of legal time and attention. He has represented clients from all walks of life, including attorneys, doctors, housewives, widows, police officers, executives, laborers, sales professionals, developers, builders, business owners and military personnel.  

Mr. Paine generally does not charge a fee for an initial meeting and case evaluation.  If a case is accepted, Mr. Paine remains accessible and responsive to his clients at all times.  He has built his practice on delivering high-quality representation, professionalism and good results. 

Trav Paine strives to bring cost efficiency to all clients and their issues.  In business transactions he knows from experience that any business deal involves various allocations of responsibility, obligation, authority and risk among the parties and the legal professionals.  These matters are generally negotiated at the outset of any business project.  Transaction documents may contain various provisions relating to such matters as control and disbursement of loan proceeds, investment of funds, choice and supervision of construction contractors, financial reporting, insurance, remedies upon default, indemnification and other responsibilities of the parties.  Even though conventional (“boilerplate”) language is often available for these and other particulars, there may be alternatives to such language which would shift risks or have distinctly different consequences for each party, and that is where Mr. Paine is able to best serve his clients in negotiating such terms. Mr. Paine is typically able to navigate the legalese and negotiate terms to best protect the business client’s long-term financial interests. Within the scope of his legal representation, he is capable of giving legal advice and recommendations of such advantageous alternatives while providing necessary legal assistance.

A list of bond issues in which Mr. Paine has been involved is shown below, and this list also shows the capacity of his representation in each project.  This list includes 37 Projects totaling $128,606,550 in funding of tax-exempt deals throughout the states of Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Kansas.  Mr. Paine has issued 12 Bond Counsel opinions among these 37 projects.  
In addition to his experience with the MUNICIPAL FINANCING – BOND ISSUES  (debt offerings), he has also been involved in dozens of private placement equity offerings since the 1980s.